Allergies, sinus infections

Marnie is wonderful. Her dedication to my case exceeded expectations. I decided to try homeopathy after years of suffering from allergies and chronic sinus infections. I had been on antibiotics for an entire year when I came to Marnie. The remedy that Marnie gave me changed my life. Not only have my symptoms greatly improved, but I have experienced healing on many levels—from physical to emotional. I feel more alive than ever!
–Rachel, Professor, Los Angeles, CA


I had herpes every six weeks for 30 years. The pain was excruciating, as if someone was putting out a cigarette on my skin. This caused neuropathy down the back of my leg. In the past two years working with Marnie, I have only had a few mild outbreaks. If I feel an eruption coming on, I take my homeopathic remedy and Plant Stem Cells before it starts. It’s such a relief that my life doesn’t revolve around the pain of outbreaks anymore.
–Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

Menopause, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue

When I began homeopathy with Marnie Reasor I was feeling pretty low.  I was in peri-menopause and experiencing night sweats, extreme moodiness, insomnia and a tremendous lack of energy.  Since I have been taking my remedy, 99% of my symptoms are gone. I have plenty of energy, I’m upbeat, and my life is back on track.

In fact, I took my last remedy over two years ago, and I still feel extremely healthy. I am very pleased that I can stay healthy and feel physically and mentally well through homeopathy.
–Cindy, Personal Trainer, San Francisco, CA

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), fatigue, chemical sensitivity

I was curious to see what homeopathy could offer to help me overcome the residual effects of a long illness. I developed severe chronic fatigue syndrome in the late ’90’s along with a host of associated illnesses including hypersensitivities, auto-immune reactions and a chronic bowel infection. With time and a variety of modalities I overcame most of my symptoms, but one of the most difficult to resolve was brittle, reactive hypoglycemia.

After meeting with Marnie I could tell her approach was unlike the homeopathy I was familiar with. Upon taking the remedy I noticed an almost immediate effect of significantly more stable blood sugar. This in turn had a healing effect on my entire system. I experienced more stability in my energy level and other “glitches” in my neuro-endocrine system. The sum total of my treatment has been an easier path to health and wholeness. I would recommend Marnie to anyone who is dealing with longstanding, difficult-to-treat health issues as well as those who have highly sensitive or delicate systems.
–Beth, Acupuncturist, Portland, OR

Constipation, arthritis, hot flashes

I have found Marnie to be a very caring, thorough and responsive health partner. I came to see her with an array of discomforts – digestive, hot flashes, joint aches. I suffered for years from chronic constipation, bloating and burping. I had tried many alternative modalities with no success. Dining out and traveling were unpleasant. After a long initial consultation where she listened carefully to all my concerns, Marnie identified the perfect combination of Plant Stem Cells and a homeopathic remedy to address my many digestive discomforts.

After a few months of following her recommended regime under her devoted care and follow-up, my overall physical well being has improved so much that I can barely remember the digestive discomfort that brought me to her office in the first place. On my last travel abroad, I was able to enjoy many interesting foods without worrying about my digestion.
–Corito, Technical Consultant, San Francisco Bay Area

Cluster headaches

In 2002, I was diagnosed with a rare form of migraines called cluster headaches, commonly known as “suicide headaches”. For years, medical professionals tried to control the onset and duration of these headaches. In 2008, my headaches became chronic, occurring every night and increasingly during the day. The pain was excruciating and left me unable to function. More medications were prescribed, but none were successful in either preventing or treating these headaches. I was unable to tolerate the side effects and still work as an intensive care nurse. Finally, I was advised to accept disability and undergo a risky procedure that would be temporary at best and could leave me partially paralyzed at worst.

When I first started homeopathy with Marnie, I was at the end of my rope. I could see no reason to continue living with these headaches or living with heavy-duty medications that dulled all my senses and reasoning power. However, I couldn’t understand how an alternative like homeopathy could work.  As far as I knew and had been told by the medical establishment, it was quackery. How could a diluted substance, unable to be found by the most sophisticated labs in the United States be useful for these headaches? But I had nowhere else to go, so I tried it.

Under homeopathic care, the headache patterns began to change right away. The headaches were not as frequent or as severe. Now, after 8 months of treatment, I am no longer subject to cluster headaches. They are gone! I resumed my job as an intensive care nurse. I am free of all those medications that had turned me into a zombie. I feel like a human being again!
–Barbara F. Bates, MSN, San Francisco, CA

Fatigue, menopause

Before I consulted Marnie, I was at such a low point in my life I’d just about completely forgotten how it feels to have vitality and optimism for the future. I was trying hard, but hanging on by a thread. I was depleted, miserably menopausal and exhausted. Marnie reminded me of what a true healer is: one who has a healing effect by her presence alone. I now have the feeling that makes me think of having just slogged through a dense jungle and finally stepping into the sunshine and seeing a beautiful clearing full of promise ahead. With Marnie’s help, I didn’t have to feel alone on a difficult journey and that made all the difference. Her compassion is huge and I felt cared for and safe.
–Brenda, Business Consultant/Executive Coach, Sausalito, CA

Menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia

A few years ago, I began to have the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. For more than a year, I tried to get relief with Hormone Replacement Therapy and bio-identical hormones prescribed by my gynecologist and naturopath. They did not help at all, and I was worried about the dangerous long-term side effects.

When I first began the homeopathy process, I didn’t realize it would address so many other ailments that I had been putting up with for years. I was currently taking Ambien for insomnia. Our first step was to cleanse my body of current and past medications and hormones that had built up in me with Plant Stem Cells. Marnie then gave me a homeopathic remedy. Within weeks, all of my symptoms were relieved, if not gone. Now I get a good night’s sleep without Ambien.

I think menopause has been given a bad rap. This should be a beautiful time in a woman’s life, a time of celebration and freedom. It should not be clouded by misery and feeling old. Marnie helped me heal past wounds and feel like a beautiful woman and own my life again.
–Kathleen, Certified Feng Shui Master, San Francisco, CA

Low thyroid function, anxiety, hair loss

When I came to see Marnie, I was desperate. My thyroid symptoms and hair loss had persisted despite my multitudinous efforts at self-care. I had seen doctors who ran tests and concluded that everything was “normal”. I meditated every day, was eating a healthy diet, and had been seeing an acupuncturist and a psychotherapist to help with my anxiety.

I decided to see Marnie and try homeopathy. After few months of taking my homeopathic remedy and Plant Stem Cells, I began to see and feel a shift in my own self as well as in the world around me. My hair loss began to subside and my menstrual cycle began to become healthier.

Around the same time, I also noticed more subtle changes taking place. I began to feel sensations in my body in a way I hadn’t before. I used to feel detached and get emotionally stuck for weeks, but now I feel my true emotions in the moment and then they pass quickly. I no longer spend hours driving myself nuts analyzing and rationalizing how I feel. I am now able to literally feel and see situations that typically would have provoked me into a state of defensiveness or becoming entrenched in a rational rut in a different way, in a different way. I am more peaceful, calm and joyful.

Anxiety was yet another symptom I was experiencing on a daily basis. I’d wake up with constriction around my throat. The remedy she gave me helped me see anxiety as an alarm system signaling me to wake up to what is happening on a deeper level. It does not have the same grip on me anymore. My constricted way of seeing the world is falling away, and I’m seeing new space and ideas in a new embodied way.

Every few months, my remedy wears off, and I need another dose. My anxiety and old thought patterns come back. When this happens, I realize that I used to live like this every day and how much I have healed since beginning homeopathy. Then I take the remedy. By the next day I feel completely relaxed, and I know everything will be okay.

Marnie has been wonderful. Her sense of care and compassion was apparent from our initial conversation on the phone. Her gift as a homoeopath is evident in her thoughtful selection of my remedy – a remedy that has enabled me to open up to dimensions of myself that are authentic, strong and deep. Her insightful reflections have furthered my understanding of myself and how homeopathy continues to transform my life. Marnie is amazing, and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking greater truth and compassion of oneself, others and the world.
–Sarah, Legal Assistant, San Francisco, CA

Allergies, sinus infections, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, headaches

At 35, I was sick of being sick. Allergies, anxiety and a general sense of not being “well” were taking a toll on me.

Let me tell you what my life was like before I started working with Marnie. I was allergic to every type of mold, every type of grass and every type of tree. Doctors told me that my allergy season lasted 9 to 10 months of the year. I felt like I had a chronic cold with runny nose, stuffy nose and watery eyes. I was taking two antihistamines and two steroid nasal sprays every day and had just started allergy shots twice a week as a last resort. Pretty much every fall and spring my allergies would get so bad that I would end up with a sinus infection that often led to either bronchitis or an ear or throat infection as well. Treating the sinus infection would take 2 to 3 rounds of antibiotics each time. My doctor said I had an almost permanent infection of sinuses. They could not trust my symptoms to know whether the infection was gone or not because I was so used to being sick I often thought I was well when a CT scan would show that I still had a bacterial infection in my sinuses.

I had six CT scans in the 18 months before I saw Marnie. That’s a lot of radiation!  For about 10 years, I took six to eight weeks of strong antibiotics annually. My sinuses had been so swollen that I had nine steroid shots in the past six years.  My pattern was so consistent that my friends would say: “Oh yeah, this is that sickness you get every fall.”  And I think people thought of me as sickly.  I did not think of myself that way, but it seemed that they were right.

I had just resigned myself to always having constant headaches. I had a vomiting stomach bug four times in two years and each time had to go to the ER for fluids and medicine.  Oh, and did I mention I had to have my gall bladder removed a few years before?

I wanted to get pregnant and had undergone a surgery in my uterus. My body did not respond to the hormones I was given afterwards to restart my cycle and that is what ultimately led me to Marnie. We started immediately on a detoxification program to counteract the 12 years I was on birth control and also the 4 years I had used an IUD, which releases hormones into the body as well.

Emotionally, I felt tired, drained, overwhelmed and pressured every day. The responsibility of taking care of everyone was falling in on me and I could not say “no” to take care of myself. I even got sick on vacation!

The detox was easy, just drops I took morning and evening. Marnie recommended some supplements and gave me dietary suggestions to get me to my best health. Be sure to ask her for her amazing broth recipe—it works wonders! It is so simple but profoundly nourishing.

Then she gave me a homeopathic remedy. This is when the switch really flipped! I went from feeling tense, short-tempered, and like all my energy was zapped to being open, free and light. I was the real me again. My husband told me I was much more like the woman he fell in love with.

Since I started treatment with Marnie 3 years ago, my life has changed in many ways. I take much better care of myself, learned to say “no” to things and to prioritize my well- being. I have not taken an antibiotic for a sinus problem since homeopathy; I no longer take steroids or need nasal sprays. If I get a cold now, I treat it with my homeopathic remedy, rest and chicken broth. My allergies have gotten milder each year and are almost nonexistent. I have not had a stomach flu and best of all, I believe the detox is what allowed me to easily become pregnant when we started trying. I love knowing that I have a strong immune system that can take care of me, and I have resources and solutions that do not include, shots or antibiotics.  When I take my remedy, it is  like throwing a rock in the middle of the pond, and the ripple effect provides a healing impact in all aspects of my life.

Marnie and I work long distance via telephone. This has been convenient for me and has worked really well, actually surprisingly well. I always feel heard and she will repeat things back to me to make sure she understands what I am feeling.

The cost of Marnie’s program is a bargain. To treat all of these symptoms with Western medicine would have required multiple types of doctors, because they only treat symptoms specific to their specialty. I can’t imagine all the appointments and medications I would have had to go through to get the same results. Truthfully, I don’t believe I could have gotten such amazing results from putting more junk in my body. I hope my story shows how helpful Marnie’s treatment can be and how gentle, kind and supportive the process is.
–Elizabeth, CPA, Nashville, TN