Marnie Reasor, CCH

Nationally Certified Classical Homeopath

My Story


I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve also experienced frustration and desperation.

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I had Epstein-Barr virus (chronic mono) for two years of my life. I just couldn’t kick it. I was sleeping sixteen hours per day and still felt exhausted all the time. I could not work, and I had absolutely no social life.

I saw many doctors, had every kind of test imaginable, and eliminated foods one by one, while taking handfuls of supplements and getting vitamin IVs twice per week for almost two years. This was all very radical in 1997, but I just couldn’t rid that virus from my body.

Yes, I do know what it feels like to be sick-and-tired of feeling sick and tired. And it was expensive!

Seeing a classical Homeopath practitioner is what finally changed everything for me. He talked to me for two hours and selected one remedy that specifically matched all of my symptoms. He told me to take two pellets, one time, then said he would see me for a follow-up in one month.

Would this actually work? Was this all I needed to do? I was in disbelief that one dose of the pellets could help. After all, I was taking fifty supplements (yes, 50) every single day.

Three weeks later, I felt better than I had in years.

I was out of bed and feeling energetic. I felt like myself again! That remedy flipped some kind of switch in my body, and my health was restored and renewed.

Two pellets really did change my life!

I took two pellets every four weeks for the next year. Over the next few months, the migraines, anxiety, and bladder infections I had repeatedly suffered with for twelve years disappeared. I was no longer trying to kill the virus or boost my immune system with vitamins and herbs. The remedy made my body so vibrantly healthy that I was able to return to my naturally radiant self!

I hear the frustration in my new clients’ voices. They’ve got aches, pains, and symptoms that keep coming back. They’ve tried to ignore them, treat them and eventually, just suffer through them.

I hear about how they’ve been brushed off, misunderstood, and sent in a hundred different directions after a hundred different cures. It’s tiring, expensive, vulnerable, and SO frustrating.

For many of my clients, Homeopathy is their last resort. That’s okay! I’m just glad that they’ve found me, and are ready for a gentle, natural way to help their bodies activate their innate healing.

The journey you’re on is one
I’ve been on too

So… my message to you is this: the way you’re feeling is not your fault. It’s nothing you’ve done, it’s nothing you’ve failed to do. It’s not in your head, a character weakness or a lack of willpower or self-discipline. For whatever reason, something in your body is stuck, has switched off. My job is to help you switch on your body’s natural ability to heal with the help of Homeopathy.

I came to Marnie for help with peri-menopausal symptoms of migraines and insomnia.  She has helped me turn the corner, so that I am sleeping regularly, and my migraines are infrequent and much less intense.

I have become more confident and clear-headed, and I don’t even get colds or flus anymore!  This is amazing to me, as I have never experienced this kind of health freedom.  I am healthier than I have ever been before.  For that reason, I trust Marnie implicitly!


Interior Designer, Nashville, TN



The journey you’ve been on is not just a physical one.  It’s an emotional one too. If you choose to work with a homeopathic practitioner, it’s important that you trust her expertise, guidance, and her approach.

I’m a board-certified classical Homeopath, in practice for 19 years. I’ve focused almost exclusively on women’s health issues, and I’m determined to help you find relief from what may seem like never-ending hormonal imbalances.

To serve clients with the highest standard of care and science:

  • I completed the highest level of classical homeopathic education and training through a comprehensive four-year academic and clinical program at The School of Homeopathy, New York. Every year since my graduation, I have continued to expand my homeopathic knowledge and skills through advanced post-graduate training.
  • I am board-certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), the “gold standard” in national homeopathic certification. The CHC’s certification process is rigorous; only 850 practitioners in all of North America have been certified to this standard.
  • I’m a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH).



  • I was tremendously honored when my practice was voted “Best Alternative Healing” in the San Francisco Chronicle’s prestigious Best of the Bay Awards! This recognition was especially meaningful since the Bay Area boasts some of the most progressive and diverse healthcare options in the world.


Most Homeopath practitioners focus exclusively on homeopathic remedies. I wanted to be able to provide the best possible integrative care to my clients, so I completed additional training in Plant Stem Cells and Nutrition.

I often include Plant Stem Cells in my clients’ programs to provide easy, effective solutions for a wide range of symptoms.

I’ve been encouraging people to cook chicken broth for immunity, enjoy butter and eggs for a healthy heart, brew kombucha, and eat sauerkraut to heal the gut since 1998. I was ahead of my time! And I developed the Pure Radiance 21-Day Cleanse, a gentle, delicious, food-based cleanse that helps women balance their hormones, improve their digestion, and sleep better.


  • The School of Homeopathy, New York, 1999-2004. Four-year graduate and clinical training program in the methodology of homeopathy and management of various health conditions
  • The School of Homeopathy Clinic, New York, 2001-2004. Worked at supervised student clinic with a wide range of health conditions across all ages
  • Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), Certified Classical Homeopath
  • North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), Registered Homeopath
  • Green Medicine, Open Center, New York, 2003-2004. Nine-month herbal training program about the medicinal and nutritional uses of Western herbs for balance, nourishment, detoxification, and the prevention of illness
  • Natural Gourmet Institute, Food Education Assistant, New York, 1998-2004. Health-supportive cooking and healing the body with food
  • La Fédération Européenne d’Herboristerie (FEH)San Francisco, 2007; Certified in the use of gemmotherapy, which uses Plant Stem Cells to detoxify, nourish, and regenerate the body’s cells
  • “Best Alternative Healing,” San Francisco Chronicle’s Best of the Bay, 2010
  • Catalyst Healing Center, Founder and Director, San Francisco, 2010-2013; Established an integrative healing center with five holistic practitioners
  • Weston A. Price Foundation, Founding Steering Committee Chair, San Francisco, 2005-2013; Responsible for organizing educational speakers and community events
  • Heimerdinger Foundation, Meals for Health and Healing, Nashville, 2013-2015; Practitioner board member of non-profit that provides organic meals and nutrition education for people facing cancer

I suffered from endometriosis, fibroids, and an ovarian abscess; I was becoming increasingly unwell and angry. I recommend Marnie and Homeopathy to anyone who wants to get right to the heart of a problem.

She alleviated the pain that I had been living with for most of my adult life. And, her voice makes me feel calm every time I hear it!


Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA

Listen – you may not feel like you’re ‘friends’ with your body right now, but IT desperately wants to feel better and remember how to heal itself.

And you don’t need to know what’s causing your symptoms – you just need to describe them to me. When you know that you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and you long for the energy and clarity of your ‘old self’ again, then you’re ready for a DISCOVERY CALL.

I invite you to consider Homeopathy as a solution to finally alleviate your symptoms and help you switch on your innate healing potential.

You CAN restore your energy and feel great!

What would you be able to do if you felt like yourself again and truly loved your life?