Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells are a natural way to restore health to your body.
• Trouble sleeping?
• Tired and toxic?
• Bloated? Congested?
• Irritable or depressed?
• Itchy, flared-up skin?
• Frequent colds or sinus infections?

Rejuvenate with Plant Stem Cells
Detoxify and release toxins on a cellular level.
Nourish your body with vital nutrients.
Regenerate your cells and diminish the effects of aging.

Experience the benefits of Plant Stem Cells
• More energy
• Mental clarity
• Sounder sleep
• Stronger immune system
• Enhanced memory
• Weight loss
• Radiant skin

What are Plant Stem Cells?
Plant Stem Cells, also known as gemmotherapy, are tinctures made from the potent early-growth buds and roots of plants. These sweet-tasting herbal extracts help detoxify your body and give you a renewed sense of energy. Plant Stem Cells can be beneficial for a variety of conditions:

Women’s hormones: PMS, menopause, fibroids and ovarian cysts


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Plant Stem Cells support restful and revitalizing sleep. They increase the duration of sleep and help those who have difficulty falling asleep or wake frequently. For example, Linden detoxifies nerve cells and reduces excessive thinking caused by nervous tension and anxiety while improving memory and concentration, which means better sleep and more alertness during the day. Plant Stem Cells provide deeply satisfying and long-lasting sleep.

Sinus infections

Plant Stem Cells act as a natural decongestant and anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, pressure, stuffiness and headaches. They also boost your immune system and shorten the duration of viral and bacterial infections. For example, Black Currant boosts the adrenals that signal the body to produce its own natural antihistamines. Sinus infections can be prevented, become less frequent or disappear altogether.


A combination of Plant Stem Cells with anti-viral properties inhibits the growth of viruses and stimulates and regulates white blood cells. They strengthen the immune system and promote tissue repair. Pain, burning and itching are relieved. Herpetic outbreaks are less frequent and less severe.

Thyroid and adrenal support

Plant Stem Cells can strengthen and balance thyroid function and boost adrenal function by restoring these glands after periods of stress or over-activity.

Women’s hormones: PMS, menopause, fibroids and ovarian cysts

Plant Stem Cells normalize the release of estrogen and progesterone, restoring hormonal balance, and lowering the occurrence of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. They diminish hormonal acne and reduce the symptoms of mood swings, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, and night sweats. Plant Stem Cells also aid in detoxifying the liver from the harmful effects of the Pill, bio-identical hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Women who have had hysterectomies and lingering menopausal symptoms can benefit from them as well.


Plant Stem Cells gently release toxins on a deep level, rejuvenating organs and tissues. The effects of aging are diminished, and energy is restored. Detoxification with Plant Stem Cells is more effective than harsh fasting regimens, bulk cleanses and strong herbal colon and liver flushes, which can leave your body fatigued and depleted of necessary nutrients. Cleansing with Plant Stem Cells renews you energy and invigorates your body.


Plant Stem Cells provide relief from the pain of indigestion, reflux and constipation. They can detoxify the digestive system and re-establish beneficial bacteria. Using Plant Stem Cells can decrease bloating, normalize digestive fluids and restore the lining of the stomach.

Bone health

A combination of Plant Stem Cells can facilitate calcium absorption, regulate mineral balance and prevent demineralization. The osteoblast, or bone-making, action facilitates normal bone and cartilage regeneration.


Plant Stem Cells can activate iron metabolism by stimulating the formation of red blood corpuscles and by increasing platelets, coagulation and circulation.