Are headaches getting in the way of your life?
Pain from headaches can be excruciating. Life is miserable when you wake up with a headache and feel fatigued, irritable and foggy all day.  Canceling plans and isolating yourself in a dark room, feeling nauseated and in agonizing pain due to migraines is no way to live.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Your life does not need to revolve around unexpected headaches and the disruption they cause. Women across the country are finding that homeopathy brings freedom from pain and restores their entire bodies to health.

Marnie can help.
Whether you suffer from tension, migraine, cluster, hormonal or sinus headaches, Marnie can help you. Every day, she works with women experiencing headaches to find long-lasting relief. Using homeopathy and Plant Stem Cells, she helps them get their lives back so they can do the things they love.

After 8 months of treatment, I am no longer subject to cluster headaches. They are gone! I resumed my job as an intensive care nurse. I am free of all those medications that had turned me into a zombie. I feel like a human being again!” Read more »

–Barbara F. Bates, MSN, San Francisco, CA

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