How is the Pure Radiance 21-Day Cleanse different from other cleanses?

You won’t go hungry on this cleanse! You’ll feel satisfied with delicious and nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body while you detoxify. You will have plenty of support, with meal plans, tasty recipes, shopping lists and a community of encouraging women.

Our Pure Radiance detox shake increases detoxification by pulling out harmful toxins and excess hormones, resulting in higher energy and balanced hormones.

If your goals include managing and/or diminishing significant hormonal problems like PMS, menopausal symptoms, fibroids or endometriosis, this cleanse will get you there.

What is the benefit of the detox shake?

With all the toxins in our current environment, eating a healthy diet is no longer enough to keep our bodies functioning optimally. When the liver is congested, the body is not able to effectively process estrogen, insulin, cholesterol, thyroid, adrenal and many other hormones. This can result in menstrual disorders, blood sugar imbalances, hypothyroidism and adrenal exhaustion (HPA Axis Dysfunction).

Our Pure Radiance shake provides antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support energy metabolism and the elimination of toxins. These nutrients clean out the liver to reduce excess hormones, damaging chemicals and dangerous heavy metals.

The results of this process include improved moods, mental clarity, painless periods, balanced blood sugar, and better sleep.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, Marnie has received feedback from countless clients over the years that her detox formula is the tastiest one available!

You can read the about our detox shake’s nutrient profile here.

Is the detox shake gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, and it is easy to modify the recipes in the cookbook if you have specific food sensitivities.

You can read the about our detox shake’s ingredients here.

What will I eat on a typical day?

You can create your own recipes or use the ones provided in the cookbook. We encourage flexibility, creativity, and customization so that the program works for your preferences and lifestyle.

Here is a sample meal plan:

Breakfast: Egg muffin (sweet potato and spinach) and apple cinnamon smoothie

Snack: Turkey roll up with avocado and mustard

Lunch: Waldorf chicken salad over greens and two squares of 80% chocolate

Snack: Hummus and carrot sticks

Dinner: Lentil-quinoa stew and lemon parsley beet salad

Will I lose weight?

Although this cleanse is not designed to be a weight loss program, the average Pure Radiance client loses between 5 to 15 pounds. Even after the program, when the hormones are more balanced, many women continue to shed weight.

Some of the reasons for this weight loss include removing sugar and eliminating allergenic foods like wheat and dairy, which releases toxins from fat stores. In addition, our Pure Radiance detox shake formula improves the efficiency of your body’s metabolic functions and detoxifies the liver, which helps bring hormones into balance.

Will I be hungry all the time?
Not at all! This is not a fast, juice cleanse or low-fat diet that causes hunger. You’ll be eating plenty of satisfying, nutrient-dense foods. Our Pure Radiance detox shakes are quite tasty, and there are lots recipes for creating delicious smoothies with them. The cleanse is designed to be gentle and easy-to-follow with tips for grocery shopping and dining out as well.
Do I need to reduce or eliminate my current medications?
No, you will continue taking medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
Can I continue taking my regular vitamins?

Our Pure Radiance detox shake contains many vitamins and other nutrients to help meet your daily requirements, and you can also continue your regular supplements.

Will I have enough energy to go to work?

Absolutely! You may feel a little tired on the first few days when decreasing sugar and caffeine, but this will not interfere with your ability to function. Our unique Pure Radiance shake formula is designed to help your body adapt to these changes much more quickly than the average cleanse program.

Also, most women find that they sleep more deeply and have much more energy than usual after the first few days.

Will I be able to exercise?
You’ll continue your regular exercise regime most of the time. If you are feeling tired, gentle exercise like walking or stretching may be optimal. Listen to your body. We recommend walking 20-30 minutes per day to stimulate your lymphatic system and optimize your body’s cleansing ability.
Will I be in the bathroom all day?
This is not a colon cleanse, so there is no need to worry about needing to rush to the bathroom. Most likely, you’ll be drinking extra water to flush out toxins, so you may need to urinate more frequently than usual.
What if I fall off the wagon?

Our motto is “progress, not perfection,” so do the best you can.

If you get off track, you can always jump back in again as soon as possible. You’ll experience optimal benefits if you follow the food plan and detox shake schedule as closely as possible, but don’t beat yourself up if you hit a speed bump. One way to stay on track is to plan ahead and keep lots of healthy snacks available so that you’re prepared when hunger strikes.

Will this work for a vegetarian or vegan?

Our cleanse avoids soy products and fake meats, so vegetarians will need to increase the amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and nuts that they eat.

While there’s not a weekly meal plan specifically designed for vegetarians, many vegetarian women have happily completed the Pure Radiance 21-Day Cleanse.

Please note: this cleanse is not suitable for vegans.

I’m pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. Is it safe for me to participate?

Since we are cleansing various organs during this program, it is not safe to detoxify while pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding. However, many women have participated in the cleanse months before conception to enhance fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy.

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